(EU) 2016425 Authorised Representatives

- Nov 28, 2018-

Authorised representatives

  1.   A manufacturer may, by a written mandate, appoint an authorised representative.

The obligations laid down in Article 8(1) and the obligation to draw up the technical documentation referred to in Article 8(2) shall not form part of the authorised representative's mandate.Official Journal of the European Union31.3.201681160EN

  2.    An authorised representative shall perform the tasks specified in the mandate received from the manufacturer. The mandate shall allow the authorised representative to do at least the following:

a) keep the EU declaration of conformity and the technical documentation at the disposal of the national market surveillance authorities for 10 vears after the PPE has been placed on the market:

b) further to a reasoned request from a competent national authority, provide that authority with all the information and documentation necessary to demonstrate the conformity of the PPE:

c) cooperate with the competent national authorities, at their request, on any action taken to eliminate the risks posed y PPE covered by the authorised representative's mandate.