NSC Congress & Expo,HOUSTON 2018 Exhibition,Star Products Of Disposable And Reusable Earplugs

- Oct 24, 2018-

Today will be the last day of the NSC exhibition in Houston. Let's me introduce our star products first.


1, We are the only factory in China who can get the technology to make this earplug.

2, This earplug is seamless connection,our foaming technology for this earplug is perfect.

3, We can make any color for you, and we can do the simple color for you.

Metal dectable earplugs:

1,Both earplug and cord and detectable and smart, I can show you

2,They is a metal ball inside of earplug, which make the earplug more confortable and usaging melt belt.

3, the cord we are the only factory in china ,make the pvc cord , so the price is competite. 

4, Used in food industry, and no food in blue color.

5, 500 box, a metal detector for free.

Silicone earplugs:

1, not need to insert you ear canal and avoid pressure.

2, It ‘s waterproof and washable.

3, It moldable, can be use for adults and kids.

4, We only need one ANSI test report for all .

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