​What Is The Earplugs

- Jul 26, 2018-

An earplug can refer to an audio product, a headphone, which is a small receiver commonly used in radios and 

hearing aids. Can also be plugged in the ears, used to prevent noise, ear protection of daily necessities.

Audio products earplugs

Such earplugs, commonly referred to as earphones, are personal audio devices that are used for Walkman music. 

According to its energy conversion classification, there are moving coil way, moving iron way, electrostatic and other

 magnetic type. Separate from the structural classification, can be divided into semi-open and closed.

From the wear on the classification there are flat type, ear hooks, in-ear and headset.

Sleep products earplugs

The principle of sleeping earplugs is similar to the noise-canceling earplugs, which are made of soft, slow-rebound

 materials for the purpose of daily sleep comfort, but the anti-noise performance can basically reach or even

 surpass the level of silicone earplugs, so the quality Labor insurance earbud products better.