Anti-noise Earplugs

- Dec 07, 2017-

Anti-noise earplugs (noise earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam material, high elastic polyester material. After inserting the ear canal and the external auditory canal in close contact to isolate the sound into the middle ear and inner ear (ear drum), to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can get a rest or work environment.

The earliest earplugs products invented in Europe, the legendary fishermen in Scotland is to use a waxy earplugs to resist the sea of the devil's fade. The earliest earplugs products also originated in Europe, wax earplugs are the most traditional materials. Use it to soften it and make it fit into the shape of the ear canal. But the disadvantage is not hygienic, wax is also likely to remain in the ear canal, not easy to clean. And wearing a long time ears will have the feeling of pain. Later, due to the constant research and development of new materials, a flexible material gradually became the mainstream of making soundproof earplugs, which is a PVC foam soundproof earplug with a slow rebound property. Slow rebound earplugs hand-rolled into thin strips will slowly expand within a few minutes, gradually restored to its original shape. Can be customized to different shapes and sizes of earplugs, easy to wear. However, afterwards, the EU has a new definition of PVC products. They found that PVC compounds contain toxins and are not suitable for making products close to the human body, and the use of this material is banned completely. Therefore, the production of anti-noise earplugs today, foreign materials to PU material instead of PVC.