Bullet-Shape PU Foam Earplug ,JY035C

- Jul 03, 2018-

Today, I'd like to introduce our product ear plugs: JY035C.

1.These large size noise defend ear plugs are silky smooth, hypoallergenic, super soft for an ultra-premium user experience.

2. Easy to insert and use. Comfortable roll down slow recovery foam gives user time to properly insert ear plugs and achieve the best, most comfortable fit every time.

3. With notify body certificated results, the large size noise defends ear plugs being the highest grade for foam earplugs, and provide a balance between performance and comfort.

4. Protect your hearing in loud environments at work and home.

5. Ideal for all of your noise reduction needs such as sleeping, studying, travel, meditation, reading, concerts, loud events, shooting and many more.


The products we have included:

PU foam ear plugs

TPR ear plugs

Metal detectable ear plugs


The certificates we have had:

CE EN352-2

ANSI S3.19

AUS/NZS: 1270