Earplugs By Shape Classification

- Dec 07, 2017-

Anti-noise Ear plugs the most common shape is bullet-shaped. There are Bacou patented rocket type (T-shaped), horn-shaped, cylindrical and three-legged and so on.

Bullet shape

Use more types, recognized as more comfortable and good sound insulation foam earplugs

Rocket type

Easy to pull out, but easily lead to gaps in the ear canal, resulting in sound insulation is not satisfactory.


Center hard, easy to insert the earplugs, silicone material

Christmas tree shape

General silicone material, into a slight pain, for labor-based earplugs and swimming earplugs


Bullet-shaped derivative, self-developed for 3M earplug shape.


This earplugs high flexibility, can be easily shaped into the shape of the ear canal, but compared to the bullet and rocket type, due to the two widths, one end into the ear canal is not easy to rub into the appropriate size of the ear canal