Earplugs Classification

- Dec 07, 2017-

Silicone earplugs: In general, silicone earplugs are made with reusable performance, but also because of the softness of silicone too low, long-term wear will often cause ear canal discomfort, or even pain. Because silicone is not as soft as the sponge, not close to the ear canal wall, the sound insulation is often not as good as sponge earplugs.

Sponge type earplugs: Low-pressure foam material, anti-noise earplugs made of highly elastic polyester material have smooth surface and slow rebound. When used, the ear does not have the feeling of pain and the soundproof effect is between 25dB and 40dB. This kind of earplugs is very suitable for sleep every night, but can not be used repeatedly due to the slow rebound effect after cleaning. Generally speaking, the earplugs are disposable. However, with the development of science, there are some sponge earplugs on the market that can be repeatedly used for more than six months and can be scrubbed.

Wax Wax: A waxed earplug is the originator of an anti-noise earplug that can be softened by hand and shaped to fit the ear canal. But the disadvantage is not hygienic, wax is also likely to remain in the ear canal, not easy to clean. And wearing a long time ears will have the feeling of pain