How To Prevent The Harm Of Noise Science?

- Dec 07, 2017-

Experts believe that the selection of professional noise-proof earplugs is the easiest way, the key to selection of such products lies in the production of materials. At present, there are two kinds of earplugs products commonly used in the domestic market. There are mainly two kinds of raw materials: one is silica gel and the texture is hard. Ms. Liu previously bought such products; the other is PVC sponge, but because of its containing radioactive toxins, Human harmful. In Europe and the United States, the use of PU sponge made of noise-proof earplugs has become common practice, because the earplugs with a slow rebound, breathability, comfort and sound insulation effect is good, but will not cause any skin and ear canal hurt. It is understood that the domestic anti-noise earplugs made of PU sponge products, its biggest advantage is that more comfortable for sleep use.

Experts also stressed that due to external environmental noise caused by hearing loss or body lesions, under normal circumstances, try not to take sleep-retarding drugs, because any drug has side effects, such as tricyclic antidepressants will have brain and heart function Affect, but also more harmful to young people. In fact, as long as the election of a product, such as anti-noise earplugs, the problem can be well resolved. Improved sleep quality, the body's immune system will gradually increase, the ability to fight against the flu virus will increase.