How To Wear Foam Ear Plugs Correctly ?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Properly inserted earplugs help prevent noise-induced hearing loss .

Wash your hands first:

1:ROLL the earplug up into a samll , thin "snake" with your fingers .

2:INSERT the top of your ear up and back with your opppsite hand to straighten out your ear canal . The rolled-up earplug should slide right in , with most of it filling the canal .

3:HOLD the earplug in with your finger . Count to 20 or 30 out loud while waiting for the plug to expand and fill the ear canal . Your voice will sound muffled when the plug has made a good seal .

Check the fit by placing your hands over your ears . If sounds are much more muffled with your hands in place , the earplug may not have sealed properly . Take the earplug out and try again .