Wireless Sponge Earplugs JY030

- Feb 26, 2019-

Disposable Ear Plugs————Uncorded ear plugs

1.Expands gradually for a secure, comfortable seal.

2.Soft PU foam material for low pressure inside the ear

3.Slow rebound allows fully attach to ear canal and soft PU foam Uncorded ear plugs .

4.Bullet design fits most ear canals making the plugs easier to use.


6.Design to fit majority ear canal with premium comfort and protection

7.Bright colors for easy inspection, bright orange color provides high visibility.

8.Corded foam ear plugs :high performance,outstanding comfort, noise reducing foam, excellent           protection. great fit,Satisfaction guaranteed.

9.Noise blocking earplugs are great for shooting, sleeping, studying, work, travel, concerts,           relaxation, motorcycling, loud events, etc.

10.Self-adjusting polyurethane foam earplus design expands to fit most of ear canals,easy                insertion and removal.

11.Soft orange foam ear plugs, non-allergenic foam product,Non-Toxic, Nonirritating,with the            smooth outer comfort surface.